“According to a YouGov/Huffington Post survey, approximately 11 percent of Americans have ghosted their significant other when ending their relationship. Thirteen percent said they have been ghosted by a partner intending to break up with them.” ~New Sacred, A United Church of Christ Blog

Ouch! What a harsh and hurtful experience! Imagine this, you met the guy or gal of your dreams! You both have the same passions, you both love Sunday brunch, they get your corny jokes most importantly, you both love serving in the house of the Lord!

Nowadays finding a mate that is, sold out for Christ is a difficult trait to find for most modern-day Christians. How gratifying it is to think you have found your person. Especially, since you both appear to be on the same path for your relationship. Everything seems perfect! In fact, you both are scheduled to grab lunch after you get off of work. You are not a bit nervous even though you noticed that your person hasn’t texted you as they usually do…they care about you, right?

As you wait around an hour and still no response you begin to worry if something is wrong. So you call them…voicemail. You text them…no response. You call again…you are sent to voicemail. You leave a message and say, “Hey are you okay? Are you still at work? You were supposed to be here…are you still coming”? Still no response, from your person. You text again…you see a responding speech bubble-texting you back. There is LIFE! You wait with anticipation for a response. Suddenly, the speech bubble goes flat…no response…nothing…zelch…zero…nada!

You begin to question yourself, “Did I get my dates mixed up”. Any thought is better than the real worry that is lingering in the back of your mind. Go ahead, say it out loud…you have been “Ghosted“.

“The hardest part about being ghosted is the fact that you can’t deal with the ghoster directly. You just never hear from them again, and everything feels odd and incomplete.” 

Mallory Ortberg

The Talk of the Town blog wants your insight! What do you think is ghosting necessary with some people because they just won’t catch the hint? Or have you been Ghosted? Let us know if you feel “ghosting” someone is cruel and unusual punishment. Write your comments below and tell us what you think?

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