The Truth. The Whole Truth. Nothing but the Truth.

so help ME god!

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

I John 3:18

Can you handle the truth?

Yes, I'm Ready! ...I think?

Me to We Talk encourages you to vote on your favorite podcasts, engage interview topics then provide your personal insight to the "Talk of the Town". There is only one have to be honest with yourself and others. Deal? We will provide constructive feedback and advice whether you like it or not. So, if you want advice, be careful of what you wish just might get it!

No, I'm not ready!

With any positive experience at times there are opposing views. Sometimes, we quickly dismiss the everyday blessings we receive with our own words. Giving more credit to the lows of our days rather than being grateful for the highs of our day. Many have become conditioned to accept doubt and fear into their lives and become suspicious of happiness. We encourage you to point out other listener perspectives in the "Talk of the Town" blog. Don't forget to include your own that sabotage personal blessings. Don't become an accomplice to your own demise. Now, get's time to talk about it!

Let's talk about it...

“Difficult discussions…bring it!  Uncomfortable truths…No fear here!  Honest Feedback…we wouldn’t have it any other way!”

~Me to We Talk Hosts-  Conell & Rhonda Hollins 

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Social Media
You Out?

According to a study done at Harvard University, when people are going through social media platforms, it lights up the same part of the brain, that also ignites when taking things such as drugs. It is a dopamine inducing. So if you are addicted to social media, you could be checking your feeds, or notices compulsively throughout the day. It could be so bad, that you check your account, every few minutes. Imagine the impact of this on your work, your relationships and your social life. 

~Excerpt: The negative effects of social media on relationships

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The Truth. The Whole Truth. Nothing but the Truth.

so help ME god!