The truth About us...

Our Mission

“Believe in WE…”

“Our mission is to unite Truth with modern day relationships.  Flushing out stereotypes and myths about love and relationships.  Infusing real life with practical yet tough conversations…one couple at a time.”

Real Topics, Real People, Real Talk!

“What’s worse than a difficult conversation?  Avoiding one.” ~Deborah Rowland

We know what we're talking about!

“We are not afraid to get in the face of adversity to find the Truth! Sometimes, that involves making unpopular decisions for the betterment of love.  Truth at all cost!”

Through on-the job training at our home church ministry, we learned that it is not just about us.  We were provided freedom to address difficult topics through self-crafted curriculum not normally addressed in church settings.  We became comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Our Core Values

“We decided to become the enemy of divorce!  The naysayer of broken families.  We fell in Love with Love!  Now, we want the Love of God to overtake you!”