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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Truth Hurts? Nope!

Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.
~Albert Einstein

The Truth Will set you free!

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.
~Mark Twain

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  • ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME!? Episode 92 - Audience Special Request Episode**** July 23, 2021
    ***By Popular Demand!!!  It is the question no spouse EVER wants to ask...Are You Cheating on Me?!  Well, it's Summer time and unfortunately when the cats are away the mice will play!   The summer heat, freedom to finally get outdoors after the pandemic has led to some spouses stepping out on their marriages.  Listeners […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Are you Cheating on Me??? Episode 92 - Audience Special Request Episode***
  • Thou Shall Not...Try Me! Episode 91 July 16, 2021
    Join the Me to We Talk Podcast and their latest episode, "Thou Shall Not Try Me!" Today your mate is TRYING your patience or even TRYING to start a fight!  Whatever the reason is...you are not having it this time.  Listen in as we provide 7 reasons why your mate it is TRYING it with […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - THOU SHALL NOT TRY ME!
  • I Need FaceTime! - Episode 90 - Marriage after Baby Recap! July 9, 2021
    Please Welcome our Newest Addition...Avery Lucas Hollins!  All 9lbs and 10 ozs of him!!! We are overjoyed...AND WE ARE SLEEP DEPRIVED!  We are so sorry, we haven't posted anything related to Avery's birth...but we have been learning how to adjust to life as a party of five!  Man has it been hard to balance it […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - I Need FaceTime! Episode 90 - Marriage after Baby Episode!
  • Stale-mates! Episode 89 July 2, 2021
    Who's right and who's wrong?  That's the difficulty with stalemates ...you don't know where the argument begins or where the fighting stops!  Join the Me to We Talk podcast as we discuss how you fight says more about you than what your fighting about!  Listen in as Marital Truth Coach's, Marriage Officiants, and relationship experts […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Stale-mates Episode 89
  • Stop with the Theatrics! Episode 88 June 25, 2021
    Save the Drama for your Mama!!!  Join the  Me To We Talk Podcast as we bring down the house with the theatrics!  Some of us are married to Drama Queens and Drama Kings and if you are, then you know all to well that the theatrics can do more harm then good!  When it comes […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Stop with the Theatrics!!! Episode 88
  • Do You Facebook your Problems or Face Your Problems? - Episode 87 June 18, 2021
    Facebook is not the place to air out your dirty laundry...but that hasn't stopped so many couples from doing it anyway!  It's nobody's business what's wrong with your relationship so why invite others into YOUR  drama!  Stop the Facebook Fights and start communicating!  Join Marital Truth Coaches, Marriage Officiants, and Relationship Experts Elders Conell & […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Don't Facebook Your Problems...Face your Problems!
  • Don't Lose “Me” in Our “We”! Episode 86 June 10, 2021
    Why is it that we feel like we can't be our genuine selves when we enter into a new relationship, engagement or even in marriage?  What is it about me that feels I have to change everything so that our “We” can thrive?  Join the Me to We Talk Podcast as Marital Truth Coaches, Marriage […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Don’t Lose the Me in Our We! Episode 86
  • Entanglements - Episode 85 w/ Special Guest Therapist Dr. Crystal Burwell PhD, LPC, CPCS, TMH June 4, 2021
    ***BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!  She's baaaaack!  Have you ever heard the saying that three's a crowd?  Join Special Guest Expert Dr. Crystal Burwell PhD, LPC, CPCS, TMH  and Marital Truth Coaches, Relationship Experts and Marriage Officiants Elders Conell & Rhonda Hollins as together they discuss the intricacies of marital and relational entanglements. Listen in as […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Entanglements w/ Special Guest Expert Dr. Crystal Burwell, LPC, TLH, PC
  • Are You Marrying Up? Episode 84 May 28, 2021
    Does someone in your union appear to be better than the other within  your relationship or marriage?  Has someone ever been shocked that you are with your mate?  Better yet,  have those who are close to you express, "I don't know how you pulled him or  How did you get her!?  It's a dehumanizing thought […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast
  • The People Who Mind Don’t Matter & the People that Matter Don’t Mind! Episode 82 May 21, 2021
    When you are upset with your mate who do you tell?  The peanut gallery? Maybe those friends who aren’t in successful relationships themselves...mmmh maybe It’s your parents who will never forgive your spouse after you have! Join the Me to We Talk Podcast for their latest episode, “The People that Mind Don’t Matter and the […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - The People Who Mind Don’t Matter & the People Who Don’t Matter Mind! Episode 83