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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Truth Hurts? Nope!

Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.
~Albert Einstein

The Truth Will set you free!

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.
~Mark Twain

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  • Betrayed By A Kiss Episode # 123 April 2, 2022
    In the Bible, mark 14:43 refers to Jesus being betrayed by Judas with a kiss. This betrayal is unthinkable, unimaginable and it hurts the most because it’s by someone so close to Him! So how do you reconcile yourself to marriage when someone so close to you meaning your spouse can betray you with a […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast
  • Why Am I Fighting Harder For Us Then You Are?! Episode # 122 March 26, 2022
    What do you do if one mate is not rising to the occasion? But the other is?  What if the other mate is simply going along for the ride. How can one person fight for the relationship more than the other?  Better yet…is that fair?!Let alone how can you expect everyone else to fight harder […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Why Am I Fighting Harder for Our Marriage Than You Are?!
  • Church Hurt Episode # 121 March 4, 2022
    We can almost say, without question, that if you are apart of the body of Christ, then you have been “Church Hurt”, or you know somebody that has been Church Hurt!However, church hurt shouldn’t cause you to abandon your first love…the one and only God of the church! Don’t allow anyone to separate you from […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Church Hurt!
  • Save th Date! Episode 120 February 25, 2022
    Typically when someone ask you to save the date, you think they are referring to you coming to there wedding. but what if God asked you to save the date when it comes to your salvation. How likely are you do so? Join the Me to We Talk Podcast as we examine the signs of the […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - SAVE THE DATE!
  • Know Your Ring Rights! Episode 119 February 11, 2022
    Knowing your “Ring Rights” is defined as the rights granted  to you or your spouse once married by God. But what if we told you most people have no idea that they have Ring Rights. We are excited to speak on this topic as it aligns with this seasons 11 week session of FCC's Prep […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Know you’re Ring Rights!
  • The Room Where It Happens! Episode # 118 February 4, 2022
    If you've  seen Hamilton  then you may have heard the song  "I Want To Be In The Room Where It Happens." The context of that song means to have more and be better in the right circumstances.  However, you have to be in a space to receive it! Think about this for a second, if […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - The Room Where it Happens!
  • Gentlemen Conversations!!! Episode 117 January 29, 2022
    It's so important, that we as parents and fathers of young men, always allow our boys to have their voices heard. We can not forget little eyes are watching us and they have questions. Join me ( Conell) as I allow Ethan and Aiden (my sons) to ask me any question and I promised to […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - **Special Father & Sons Episode -Gentlemen Conversations
  • “No More Mr. Nice Guy!!!” Episode #116 January 22, 2022
    The Urban Dictionary defines a Nice Guy as a guy who is genuinely kind and caring.  He is polite to everyone regardless of sex, age or race. He has no ulterior motive i.e. he is not nice just to get a reward, he behaves as such because it's human decency.  So why do we say […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast
  • Return to Sender! Episode # 115 January 15, 2022
    Return to sender!  Don’t accept it!  Don’t allow the enemy or people sent by him to send lies, false promises or insecurities to your home!  Return it from which it came!  Return to Sender is a common policy used by most carriers to handle items that could not be delivered. If an item could not […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Return to Sender! Episode #114
  • Do You Have Daddy Issues?! Epiosde # 114 January 8, 2022
    Do you have a problem with God? The dictionary states that people use the phrase “Daddy Issues” to refer to father relationships that have a negative impact on their children.  Well what if you are having issues with your Father in Heaven? What if you blame God because you feel your prayers haven’t been answered […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - Daddy Issues Episode #114