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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Truth Hurts? Nope!

Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.
~Albert Einstein

The Truth Will set you free!

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.
~Mark Twain

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  • Episode 70: You Look Good...On Paper! February 26, 2021
    Join the Me to We Talk Podcast as we discuss looking good on paper is not all it's cracked up to be! If someone tells you that you or your mate look good on paper ONLY...you SHOULD be offended!   We encourage you to look deeper at the individual you choose to be your life mate.  […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God Album - Episode 70 "You Look Good On Paper"
  • Episode 69: What You Do and What You Say...Two Different Things! February 19, 2021
    In marriage, shouldn't you say what you mean and mean what you say? Of course you should! However, that doesn't mean your mate agrees with you.  Join marital truth coaches, marriage officiants, and relationship experts Elders  Conell & Rhonda Hollins as they discuss misaligned actions and words that can drive a wedge in between the […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God Album - What You Do And What You Say...Two Different Things!
  • We're Podfest Global Summit Speakers! Register for FREE today! February 15, 2021
    Check out the Me to We Talk Podcast as we have the special privilege to be speakers at Podfest Global!   All you have to do is send us a DM or instant message us saying "I want to go!" and we will send you a special offer code that get's you in for FREE!  This […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast
  • Episode 68: INTO-ME-SEE February 13, 2021
    Anybody can have SEX...but REAL couples know how to cultivate martial "INTO-ME-SEE"!  Leave lust in the dust and get ready to play with the big boys because simple sex is for amateurs!   Are you ready to take your marital intimacy to a new level?  Listen in as Marital Life Coaches and Relationship Experts Elders Conell […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God Album - INTO-ME-SEE...Special Valentine's Day Episode!
  • Episode 67: When You Love Someone You Let Them...GROW! February 5, 2021
    "Why don't you Grow Up!" have you heard this before in the midst of an argument?  What if your spouse doesn't grow at the same pace as you do? 3 out of 5 couples today, begin to focus on self growth instead of growing as couple.  Ultimately, life changes such as weight loss, job promotions […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God Album
  • Episode 66: Love, Like You've NEVER Been Hurt Before! January 29, 2021
    Resentment is like taking poison...hoping someone else will die.  OUCH!  Join the Me to We Talk podcast for their latest episode "Love, like you've NEVER been hurt before".  Listen in to Marital Truth Coaches, Marriage Officiants and relationship experts Elders Conell & Rhonda Hollins discuss how loving through hurt can sometimes can be the hardest […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God - Love like you NEVER been HURT before!
  • Episode 65: Transfer of Power...in Relationships! January 22, 2021
    "No...I'm right!"  "No...No...I'M RIGHT!"  Ever heard this before within the four walls of your marriage or engagement?!  We Have!!!  In a relationship, there is a point where one mate has more power over the other.  Would you be surprised to know that the person within the relationship that cares the least about the other...typically holds […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God Album - Episode 65 Transfer of Power
  • Episode 64: Marriage Intruders Part 2 of 2 January 15, 2021
    Let's be honest...Intruders are not invited guest!  It's time to get the most state of the art security system to protect your marriage from...In-Laws, pornography, emotional infidelity, poor finances and divorce!  LOCK YOUR DOORS PEOPLE!! Join the Me to We Talk Podcast in Part 2 of Marriage Intruders where Elders Conell & Rhonda Hollins Marital […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God Album - Marriage Intruders Part 2 of 2
  • Episode 63: Marriage Intruders - Part 1 of 2 January 9, 2021
    You just can't let anyone or anything enter the perimeter of your marriage.  Marital Home Invasions are on the rise and are taking happy marriages hostage!  Listen in to the latest episode of the Me to We Talk Podcast "Marriage Intruders Part One" where we identify the usual suspects and STOP these culprits dead in […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God Album "Marriage Intruders" : Part 1
  • Episode 62: "If 2020 were My Relationship...We Would BREAK UP!!" January 1, 2021
    If 2020, were MY relationship...we would definitely break up!  This relationship has been toxic from the start...I should have paid attention to the red flags! However, fool me once shame on you...but fool me twice shame on me!  Join Marital Truth Coaches and Relationship Experts Conell & Rhonda Hollins in our metaphoric breakdown of why […]
    Me to We Talk Podcast - So Help Me God Album - Special New Years Episode!!!